The atmosphere at the Show from the beginning was relaxed and friendly despite the weather being appalling.  The quality of the dogs was very good – the bitches much stronger in quantity, however, I thought the dog that I chose topped the pile, slender, strong, balanced and a good  mover.  I was very impressed with the presentation particularly the cleanliness – without the use of chalk!!!

Most mouths had a scissor bite but some of the teeth were on the small side, the breed standard says “teeth large for the size of dog”.

I think movement was affected by the wet weather and long grass as a lot of the dogs were ‘toeing-in’ with both their front paws and rear ones.  Most dog’s movement was speedy but that does not necessarily mean they are moving with drive, however, I admit it does look ‘flashy’.

The puppies showed a lot of promise which is very good for the future of the breed in Sweden.

I applaud the dedication and hard work of the people who worked so hard to make the Show possible.  Often the work behind the scene is not recognised, but without it there would be no Show, so lets all thank those hard workers.

From start to finish my stay was excellent – very welcoming, warm and friendly making me feel at home. 

Thank you very much.