We welcomed our first westie into the family was I was six years old. Upon deciding to have a litter ‘for experience for young Thomas…!’ things snowballed from there and my family began to get involved in dog showing.

What started off as a weekend hobby soon became a way of life and the passion for the breed grew more and more. I have been very lucky to find the breed at a young age and fast forward 26 years I am looking forward to another trip to Sweden!
In the ring, I have made many friends across the dog show world and I am grateful for their advise and support over the years. The ‘challenge’ that came with selecting breeding combinations, reviewing pedigrees and trying to improve on each generation of Tomlyndon I find as rewarding as the showing. We have had some success in the UK, having had four champions, the most recent being CH / INT / Nordic Tomlyndon Eager Ernest JW. Ernest is the #2 top CC winning male here in the the history of the breed, only behind the legendary male Ch Olac Moonpilot. Ernest’s daughter is top CC winner overall. Others in the Tomlyndon house include CH / INT Tomlyndon Look of Love, CH / INT Ch Karamynd Playing Away At Tomlyndon JW and CH Tomlyndon Spoilt Rotten.

I am also very proud of the successes we have achieved ‘away from home’, with three achieving International Champion titles – not so easy for a kennel in the UK, from an island… always by car! This has certainly helped in my personal learning as I have had the opportunity to see different kennels / lines and appreciate the qualities from some clever breeders across europe. I have enjoyed many trips to Sweden, the first coming in 2008 for the WDS and the Westie Alliansen… the sun was shining and the quality that day outstanding!!

Away from the showring, I think it is important to give what you can back to the breed / showing. I serve as Secretary / Treasurer of the Sporting Terrier Association of Yorkshire, a post I have held for over a decade. I am also Assistant Secretary of The National Terrier Club where I work alongside colleagues to arrange ‘THE’ terrier show in the UK. I have previously been Secretary
of a Breed Club as well.

I have judged our breed multiple times in the UK with CC’s, as well as in France, Finland & Italy. I am starting to progress with other Terrier breeds and recently were passed to award CC’s in Sealyham Terriers. I was delighted last year to receive the invitation to judge the West Highland Whie Terriers at Crufts, 2027 – the youngest judge of the breed at Crufts by the time the appointment comes around so appreciate this opportunity massively.

I am currently not active in the show ring due to family commitments and work. I have two young boys which keeps myself and my wife Stacey busy and we have our hands full. I also have a role currently with work which requires travel so it is difficult to have the momentum required to campaign in the ring currently but this will change in time. I am as passionate as ever for the breed, enjoy supporting wherever I can and find the ‘administration’ side of the hobby in the roles I hold for various clubs, very rewarding.

Having exhibited my own dogs, spectated at many shows and respected Swedish Kennels, it will be an honour to judge the Westie Alliansen 2024, a day I look forward to very much


Thomas West